The 6 Best Yonex Badminton Shoes

The 6 Best Yonex Badminton Shoes

If you want to perform well when playing badminton then you need to wear the right shoes. Badminton can have quite an impact on your knees and ankles due to all of the sudden movements you need to perform.  The right shoes can help reduce the tension in your feet, and they can give you that needed boost to outsmart your competition.  

Yonex is well known for their quality manufcation of badminton and tennis shoes.  This brand is ideal for those who want to make a sound investment. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the best Yonex badminton shoes to buy right now.  

The 6 Best Yonex Badminton Shoes to Buy Now

There are quite a few different badminton shoe brands, and Yonex is one of the most popular.  Here is a quick look at some of the best Yonex shoes to get if you want to reduce pain in your feet or simply get a pair of shoes that won’t scratch up the timber flooring of indoor sports fields.  

1. The Yonex Comfort Z Men’s Badminton Shoes

This pair of men’s badminton shoes is ideal for men who love a light shoe with good arch support that is very breathable.

These shoes have a mesh upper shoe that allows lots of fresh air to reach your feet to prevent sweating.  The shoes are also layered with power cushioning which absorbs impact while you run, jump, and hop.  This layer is ideal for reducing pain and aches in your ankles and knees.

The rubber soles are neutral colored which makes them ideal for indoor sports fields. 

They won’t scratch up the surface yet offer lots of traction.  


  • Color – Black/white
  • Suitability - Men
  • Sizes – 7 to 12
  • Midsole – Layered with power cushion and power graphite sheet
  • Upper shoe – Double Russell mesh with PU Leather
  • Outsole – Rubber 
  • Laces – Yes


  • The shoes are very stylish
  • Lots of rubber mesh on the upper shoe enhances breathability
  • The shoe is lined with power cushion that absorbs shock and reduces fatigue
  • The rubber outsole is ideal for playing on indoor courts without damaging the wood
  • The laced design allow you to tighten your shoes for a snug fit
  • These badminton shoes can also be used for other activities such as walking and tennis
  • Offers much more arch support 
  • Can reduce knee pain while playing


  • The light color is hard to keep clean

This is another good badminton shoe for men who love arch support but don’t have particularly sweaty feet.  These shoes don’t have quite as much mesh which makes them ideal for winter use.

They are layered with power cushioning that helps reduce the impact on your feet and reduces pain in ankles and knees.  The arch support also promotes foot health while playing this game.

The outsoles are also lined with neutral rubber that offers lots of traction. These shoes are great for indoor sports fields without the risk of scratching or staining surfaces.


  • Color – Black/white/red
  • Suitability – Men
  • Size – 7.5 – 11.5
  • Shoe sole – Layered with power cushion
  • Upper shoe – P.U. Leather
  • Midsole – ToughBird Light Solid E.V.A. Power graphite Sheet
  • Outsole – Rubber 
  • Laces – Yes


  • The shoes are layered with a power cushion that absorbs impact and reduces fatigue
  • The lace-up closure allows you to tighten them up for a snug fit
  • The PU leather is easier to keep clean compared to mesh
  • The shoes are very stylish
  • The rubber soles are ideal for indoor or outdoor play 
  • These shoes can reduce pain and aches in feet and knees
  • They are designed to offer more arch support


  • The light parts of the shoe can be challenging to keep clean
  • The upper shoe doesn’t have a lot of mesh which can cause feet to feel a bit smothered

Men with high arches that don’t want that extra arch support should consider this pair of shoes. 

They don’t come with any arch support and as a result, are much lighter.  These shoes are also easy to wipe down since they have a PU leather outer shoe.  

The neutral rubber soles offer you a good grip on slippery floors and won’t result in scratches or annoying rubber stains on floors.  This set is also nice and affordable.  


  • Color – Blue/white or yellow/black
  • Suitability - Men
  • Size – 7 – 13
  • Upper shoe – PU leather
  • Midsole – No arch support
  • Outsole - Rubber
  • Laces – Yes


  • You can get these in two different colors
  • They are quite stylish
  • The sports shoes are ideal for all sorts of indoor sports
  • There is no arch support which makes it ideal for players that find arch supports uncomfortable
  • The rubber outsole won’t cause damage to wood floors
  • The PU leather upper shoe is easy to keep clean


  • Not suited for players who need arch support
  • The light parts are hard to keep clean
  • More mesh on the upper shoe would be great to reduce sweating

This tennis shoe by Yonex is a good pick for women who love a light and bright shoe that offers lots of air circulation.

The shoes are designed with a rubber mesh that helps keep your feet nice and cool.  They also have a power cushion lining that absorbs impact while you run.  These shoes will reduce the pain and aches in your knees and ankles while you have fun playing your badminton game.  

They come in a variety of colors and have rubber soles which make them ideal for indoor or outdoor play.  The rubber soles won’t scratch up tiled or timber sports fields although we are not quite certain that these won’t leave behind skid marks since the soles are not neutral.  


  • Color – White, light blue, blue, gray/green and white/silver
  • Suitability – Women
  • Size – 6 – 9.5
  • Upper shoe – Rubber mesh
  • Midsole – Power cushion with heel stability
  • Outsole – Rubber 
  • Laces – Yes 


  • Thee shoes are beautiful
  • You can get them in a variety of styles and colors
  • The shoes are layered with power cushion to reduce strain on your feet and knees
  • The rubber soles makes them suitable for indoor sports
  • They are great for enjoying various sports such as tennis, badminton, ping pong and others
  • The shoe is designed with more space in the toe box to prevent cramping
  • The laces allow you to tighten them just the way you feel comfortable


  • The colored outsoles might stain floors
  • The light shoes can be tough to keep clean                                         

This shoe is ideal for little ones that love to play badminton.  They don’t have girly colors but these shoes are suitable for both girls and boys.

The shoes are very breathable thanks to lots of breathing holes in the PU leather upper shoe.  The PU fabric also makes it very easy to wipe these shoes down after a game to keep them clean.

The outsoles are made of non-marking rubber which is ideal for little ones that play on indoor sports fields.  These shoes are also lined with power cushioning that helps protect your child’s feet while they run and jump about on the badminton field.  


  • Color – Navy/yellow or white/blue
  • Suitability – Youths or kids
  • Sizes – 1 – 7
  • Upper shoe – Mesh and PU Leather
  • Midsole – EVA power cushion 
  • Outsole – Non-marking rubber
  • Laces – Yes


  • These shoes are very stylish
  • Suitable for girls and boys
  • The power cushion absorbs impact and reduces knee and ankle tension
  • The rubber soles won’t leave marks on floors
  • The rubber floors are ideal for indoor sports such as badminton, tennis and others
  • The laces give good flexibility to help kids tie their shoes comfortably
  • Lots of mesh on the upper shoe makes them nice and breathable
  • The PU leather design is very easy to keep clean


  • Some kids can find the arch support a tad annoying 

Women with large or wide feet should consider this pair of badminton shoes.  These shoes are available in women’s sizes up to 12 and they come in half sizes so you can find a perfect fit even if you are dealing with swollen feet.

The shoes are designed with a sturdy outer rubber mesh that is very breathable and easy to keep clean. These shoes also have power cushioning that offers good arch support and that absorbs the impact while playing.

The neutral rubber soles are ideal for indoor play since they offer good traction but won’t cause skid marks or scratches on delicate floors.  


  • Color – Navy/Ice
  • Suitability – Women
  • Size – 5 – 12
  • Outer shoe – Rubberized mesh
  • Midsole – Elastic resin power cushion
  • Outsole – Rubber
  • Laces – Yes


  • The shoes are very stylish
  • They come in larger sizes which is ideal for taller women
  • The rubberized mesh outer keeps your feet nice and cool
  • The shoes are lined with a power cushion that absorbs impact 
  • These shoes can reduce tension on your knees and ankles
  • They are perfect for badminton and other sports like tennis
  • The rubber outsole makes them suitable for indoor use without damaging flooring
  • They offer stable footwork with lots of grip
  • The rubber outer shoe is easy to keep clean


  • They are a bit more expensive compared to other shoes

Buying Guide

Having a tough time choosing the best sports shoes?  We don’t blame you.  All of these shoes are pretty fantastic, and they all look quite stunning.  If you have a tough time choosing the best pair then perhaps this quick guide can help you decide:

The Best Badminton Shoes for Men

Men can pick and choose from the Yonex Comfort Z, Yonex SHB 65Z, and Yonex 47 EX shoes.  These are all great shoes and they are all good picks for indoor use.

If you love that extra arch support then the Comfort Z and SHB 65 Z pair is a good pick for you because these come with power cushions that offer added arch support and help absorb some of the impacts.  

Men that prefer not to have arch support should consider the Yonex 47 EX shoes since these are not lined with added support.  The 47 EX shoes are also a bit more affordable.  

The Best Badminton Shoes for Women

The Yonex Power Cushion Eclipse 2 badminton shoe is an excellent pick for women.  There are several colors to choose from and these shoes are very stylish, breathable, and light.  

Women with larger feet or that prefer a darker shoe should opt for the Yonex Eclipsion Z Wide Badminton shoe.  These look terrific, they come in wider sizes and you can get them up to a women’s size 12. 

The Best Badminton Shoes for Kids

Little girls and boys that love to play badminton and other indoor sports like table tennis can get the Yonex Junior Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 shoes. These come in two different colors, they are super breathable and they are lined with EVA power cushion midsoles that help absorb the impact of this fun sport. 

Final Thoughts

We do hope that this guide helped you find a great pair of badminton shoes.  And if you are shopping for other quality badminton gear then you should also check out some of our other buying guides.  We are constantly reviewing the best and latest products on the market so you can make the smartest possible investments and excel in this sport.  

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