Yonex Arcsaber 002 Combo Badminton Racket Review

Yonex Combo Badminton Racket Review

When it comes to badminton, you need a good racket to play better. Having a low-quality racket results in a poor performance and less accuracy when returning serves. That's why it's important to invest in a racket that supports your playstyle and the way you grip the racket. In this short article, we'll review the Yonex Arcsaber 002 Combo Badminton Racket. This compact, yet durable racket provides the power you need to play more effectively. By the end of this article, you'll have enough knowledge to know if this is the right racket for you.

About The Product

The Yonex Combo Badminton Racket is a popular choice for new players. These rackets are great for casual badminton sessions. It's constructed out of a steel frame which is durable for long-term play. You can find it on Amazon at a price around $35.

Yonex Arcsaber 002 Combo Badminton Racket Review

We also like this combo set's affordability. It's affordable enough that you can get the rest of the equipment separately without paying too much for it. This gives you the benefit of not buying the complete set until you know it's something you need. Get this racket if you have a small budget and want something to use during your games.

  • Steel Frame
  • Shaft Made of Steel
  • Case made for shuttlecocks and rackets
  • Weight: 1.2lbs

This badminton combo set comes with 2 pieces of strong rackets and 3 nylon shuttles that come in a nylon carrying case. Players like the case because it's easy to carry and it protects their equipment from corrosion and other ailments that could destroy the racket.

The Yonex Combo Badminton Racket is compact and lightweight weighing only 1.2 pounds. But it has a solid construction to withstand daily usage. We suggest getting this racket if you want something that's light, but strong enough for constant gameplay.

And, the rackets are known for their high durability. On average, consumers could use it for 4 months before getting a repair. You'll like this racket set if you want a long-lasting racket that requires little maintenance to keep it running properly.

Consumers like this racket because of its string construction. The racket has low tension strings that have a larger sweet spot than competing rackets. This makes it easier for novice players to hit the racket without losing any power. Buy this racket if you're a new player that's trying to get better at badminton.

Our biggest gripe is the grip design of this racket. The rackets have a thin grip layer, but it wears down easily. However, you can fix this issue easily. You can buy gripe tape or buy replacement grips online to maintain the grip quality of this racket.

Still, we think that the Yonex Combo Badminton Racket is a great choice for beginners. The racket is soft, yet has a powerful frame to keep the strings in place. If you want a racket to help you get better at badminton, this is a perfect choice.

Buying Advice

We've created this section to help you understand the specs behind a good badminton racket. In addition, reading this section ensures that you'll know what to look for the next time you plan on shopping for one.

Yonex Combo Badminton Rackets

Balance Point

Every badminton racket is categorized based on balance. The three types of balance are Head-Light Even-Balance and Head-Heavy.

Head-Heavy badminton rackets have their weight placed on the head. This is the recommended choice for backcourt players who need a racket that delivers power. Since the racket's weight is directed towards the top, it helps players increase the efficiency of their smashes and clears.

Even-Balance rackets are great if you want a versatile racket. They are designed to serve as a middle ground between Head-Light and Head-Heavy rackets. Even-Balance rackets tend to give users more maneuverability and control in the front while giving you enough power from the back.

Head-Light rackets are suited for doubles players who need extra speed during their games. Head-Light rackets provide the benefit of having less mass in the frame and the head of the racket. This allows users to swing and manipulate the racket easily. If you're a good player with a fast swing speed, this racket is great for you.

Racket Weight

Your racket's weight is denoted by the "U." The larger the number, the lighter the racket. If you're a player that specializes in singles games, you should get a 3U racket. This gives you more overall mass with a small loss of speed. Since the rackets are durable, they are the standard choice for singles games.

For players who play doubles games, we suggest getting the 4U as an option. This provides more speed and effectiveness during your game. Buying this lightweight size helps you react faster against opposing smashes and at the net. Most doubles players tend to use 4U rackets for most of their games.

Shaft Flexibility

You need to understand the staff flexibility of your racket when it comes to badminton. If you're starting off, you should get a flexible racket. Flexible rackets are easier to use because they have a larger sweet spot. This gives beginner players a larger margin for error and helps them learn the mechanics of the game.

As a rule of thumb, the faster your swing speed, the stiffer the racket. Beginners don't have enough wrist speed to utilize the racket fully. But for advanced players, they'll have enough strength to infuse their energy with the racket. Get a stiff racket if you're skilled at the game and want more power behind your shots.

Final Thoughts

The Yonex Combo Badminton Racket is definitely worth your money. It has a solid construction, good string tension, and is reliable. Purchase this racket if you're a new player who needs a kit to carry all f your badminton equipment.

Yonex Combo Badminton Rackets

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