Franklin Sports Badminton Racket Review

Franklin Sports Badminton Racket Review

We want to help you by finding the right badminton racket for your needs. The Franklin Sports Badminton Racket has received double the amount of sales in this recent year. Our main goal of this review is to teach you why this racket is the preferred choice amongst professional badminton players.

In our review, we'll discuss both the pros and cons associated with the racket. This helps you get a clearer understanding of how this racket operates when in the field. We also included the buying information section. Read that section if you need extra help on what to buy.

Franklin Sports Badminton Racket Tight String

By the end of this post, you'll have enough confidence to decide if the Franklin Sports Badminton Racket is worth your money. We've included information from verified sources to help you make a well-informed decision. That being said, it's time to get on with our review.

About The Product

Starting off our review is the Franklin Sports Badminton Racket. The racket weighs in at a low 13.6 ounces. This makes it easier to transport the racket and helps users swing faster. You can find this on Amazon at about $75.

One thing we noticed about this racket is its tight string technology. This allows for the maximum amount to be transferred when in contact with the shuttle. Users have the ability to adjust the string to their needs and preferred style of gameplay.

  • Performance Grip
  • Weight: 84g
  • Carbon Frame
  • String Technology
  • Rigid Flex

The racket also features a strong power frame. For instance, the frame is made of carbon and allows to transfer their energy when they swing. You'll like this racket if you need a durable frame that improves your overall performance.

We also like that the balance point is close to the head of the racket. This means that users have more power when making shots. And, the balance point can be adjusted if you play badminton more defensively.

Another plus is the racket's performance grip. The racket's handle consists of durable rubber that's a perfect balance between performance and comfort. It fits easily on the user's hand and aids them during long and intensive badminton games.

The Franklin Sports Badminton Racket has an isometric shaped frame. This shape allows the user to make harder shots when serving the shuttle. You'll like this racket if you're an aggressive player who needs an edge against the competition.

But, consumers have found an issue associated with this product. Beginner players had trouble using this racket because of its stiff tension settings. We suggest thinning the strings of the racket. This helps novices handle this racquet better.

Franklin Sports Badminton Racket Grip

Mainly, the Franklin Sports Badminton Racket is perfect for intermediate to advanced players. It's durable, reliable, and helps advanced players hit the shuttle with power behind it. Make sure you get this rack if you're ready to play badminton on a professional level.

Buying Advice

Still stuck? Check out this section to learn certain specs your badminton racket needs to perform well. See which specs add up to your personal preferences. Then, make a buying decision based on which racket suits you the most.


Based on modern developments in today's technology. Rackets weigh from 80-90g. If you play more offensively, then you'll need a power racket. Power rackets are heavier than control rackets and allow the user to add more force to their swing.

The one downside to this is that heavier badminton rackets take more time getting used to. They are also less comfortable to hold than control rackets. Still, power rackets give you the ability to hit the shuttle at a speed where your opponent can't react.

For players who want a more precise level of gameplay, you should invest in a control racket. These rackets are light enough to swing at any angle and create advanced shots. Control rackets help users monitor their shot velocity, swing speed, and enhances their overall performance during a game of badminton.

String Tension

You have to check the string tension of your racket via pressing your palm on the strings. You can test the tension by pressing the palm against the strings. Then, see how far your palms sink. A 1mm tension is the perfect setting for most players.

If you tend to play with added force, then you'll need a higher tension for the racket springs. For novice players, 22-33 lbs is a great tension weight to start with. Understand that tension varies from region to region because how the temperature affects the string tensions. Higher tension rackets are used in warmer climates since the strings tend to expand in hotter areas.

Grip Type

There are two types of grips – synthetic and towel grips.

Towel grips can absorb sweat and is soft to hold. But this makes them prone to accumulating bacteria and germs. As a result, towel grips require more maintenance than synthetic grips. If you're new to badminton, you should go for a towel grip because they are easier to control.

Franklin Sports Badminton Racket


Synthetic grips are less messy and are slicker than towel grips. But they are less comfortable than towel grips. Synthetic grips are bad at absorbing sweat, making it harder for the player to control the racket during intense games.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we believe that the Franklin Sports Badminton Racket is great for advanced players looking to step up their game. The racket has a durable performance grip, carbon outer covering, and is great for tournament play.

You need a racket that's going to last for the long-term. Cheaper racket models tend to break easily and require constant repair. With the Franklin Sports Badminton Racket, you'll have a reliable racket that lasts for up to 5 years. Buy this racket today if you want to enhance your experience and skill when playing badminton.

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