Badminton Net Height

Badminton Net Height

For a game that name was derived from a house, badminton has become one popular game. In fact, it has made its way into the Olympics currently with four different events: Men's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, and Women's Doubles. This racquet game has been designed to be played by either two or four people. 

Unknown to most people, there are two different types or forms of this game: singles and doubles. As the name suggests, singles is played by two players - one at each end of the court. In a singles game, it is the sole duty of each player to cover the entire court if they are to emerge as winners. The doubles game, on the other hand, involves four players in all - two players at each end competing against each other. Unlike the singles games, in a doubles game, it is the responsibility of the two players (teammates) to cover the entire court, thus, preventing their opponents from winning. 

Badminton Net Height

Since the singles and doubles game are quite similar, one of the main differences between these forms of badminton is that the court for singles games although being of the same measurement uses a smaller court space, unlike the doubles game. Also, the service position of these two badminton games is quite different from each other. Badminton as a whole is one exciting game with various pieces of equipment used. In this piece, we'll take a look at the accurate height of a badminton net as well as other amazing aspects of this beautiful game. 

Types of Badminton Nets 

Before we dive into the accurate height of a badminton net for official or formal games, it is best that we grasp the various badminton net types. Currently, there are about three different badminton nets available. 

Outdoor Nets

As the name suggests, outdoor badminton nets are used for the outdoor playing of this beautiful racquet and shuttlecock game. Since these nets are designed specifically for outdoor badminton, it is made of high quality, durable, and heavy-duty materials. This ensures that it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

To install these outdoor badminton nets, you will need to insert the posts into the ground with the help of stakes. If you're keen on getting this net for your outdoor games, then it is only right that you get replaceable badminton sets. Built to withstand all weather conditions, this net happens to be a very smart investment option for anyone who wants to enjoy this game irrespective of where they find themselves.

Indoor Badminton Nets

These indoor nets have been designed to eliminate the impact of wind on the shuttlecock, making it an ideal net for all indoor badminton games. Besides the fact that this net eliminates wind, it is incredibly easy to install. Unlike the outdoor net type, you do not need wires or more accessories to install this net. 

It has been built with a T-bar mechanism which helps it maintain a high stability level while affording you that rare opportunity to set up on any surface level. Using this net for outdoor games will result in its damage.

Portable Badminton Nets

These nets have been built to be easily removed and installed elsewhere without compromising stability. Just like the regular outdoor nets, portable badminton nets are built to be incredibly stable, and to install them, you'd need to use stakes. They are made with either nylon cords or high-quality vinyl. 

This net comes with these accessories; two posts, a weight, or anchor to keep the net upright. They are incredibly affordable and can be moved from one location to another in a hassle-free manner. 

Height of The Badminton Net

Basically, the top side of each of the nets should be exactly 5 ft 1 inch above the ground. The main reason for this height standard is to make the game a little more difficult for players. Ordinarily, no one would find it exciting playing a game they always win, it needs to be challenging both mentally and physically. This is exactly what badminton offers. With this net height, it makes it a little challenging for players to return service at the same time limiting their service options. 

Badminton Net Height

While this height is high enough to prevent the game from being overly easy, it is not too high to prevent the shuttlecock from lobing on every shot made. There are actually a couple of court rules that help you understand why the badminton net is kept at 5 ft 1 inch above the ground. 

Court Size 

Regardless of the type of game you're playing, the ideal court size of a badminton game is 44 ft in length and 17 ft in width. While the doubles game has a larger court space than a singles game court, they both have the same measurement. 

Net Poles 

Net poles are as important as the racquet and shuttlecock used in this game. They are basically elements that have been designed to hold the net in a steady position. They also act as a barrier between players when hitting the shuttlecock.  

Materials Used For Badminton Nets 

Official or professional badminton nets are made of high-quality, natural, heavy-duty, synthetic vinyl, or nylon vinyl materials for both the indoor and outdoor badminton games. For outdoor games, the net has to be made with some of the most quality materials and should be treated to withstand all weather conditions. It should be sturdy and depending on certain factors should have a thick cord of 15 to 20 mm. 

Badminton Net Dimensions 

Professionally, the height and dimensions of a badminton net should be the same regardless of the type of game played. It should have a depth of about 2 ft 6 inches. As mentioned earlier, the edge of the net should be about 5 ft 1 inch from the ground. This net is spread across the middle of the court, basically 16 and half feet long. 

There should be no gap between the end of the net and poles. A standard court helps professional players practice and perfect their act. 

How To Set Up The Badminton Net

When it comes to setting up a badminton net, there are actually a couple of accessories you need to own. These items help to simplify the installation process. 

Badminton Net Height

Step 1: Gather Hardware

First, you need to gather the badminton poles for the net. Once that is done, you'll need to tie the net to both sides of the pole with a loop. 

Step 2: Insert Stakes 

For your outdoor net, you simply need to insert the first pole into the ground with the help of the guy wire. Once that is completed, lift the net up and stretch to see where the second pole will be inserted. Mark that spot with a piece of chalk. With the help of the stake, insert the second pole into the ground. 

Try to measure the net accurately to ensure that its dimensions meet the standards of a formal or official badminton net. 

Step 3: Mark Boundaries 

Using either chalk, spray paint, or flagging tape, you have to mark the various edges of the court. Since there are various dimensions of a badminton net, you have to ensure that the specific areas of the court are defined appropriately. 

Still using the chalk or spray paint, you need to mark the long, short, and center service lines of the court. 

  • The long line should be approximately 2 ft 6 inches from the backline of the court 
  • The short line should be 6 ft 6 inches from the net itself 
  • The centerline should be marked perpendicular to the net, which is down the middle of the court. 

Basically, all the lines that relate or somehow affect the net should be defined and marked appropriately according to the existing badminton rules. 

Badminton Nets vs Volleyball Nets

Since these games are quite similar in a number of ways, most people have confused or simply assumed the net height and dimensions are the same. What do you think?

Well, badminton nets have a completely different size from volleyball nets. The volleyball net height is over seven feet off the ground. This happens to be higher than the badminton net which is just 5 ft 1 inch. In addition to the height, the volleyball court is a lot wider than any badminton court, thereby meaning that the nets are wider as well. 

Badminton Net Shots 

In a general badminton game, there are actually four net shots, and in this section we'll take a look at these common net shots. 

High Net Shot 

While this shot happens to be similar to the basic net shot, how it is performed is quite different. The idea behind this net shot is to lob the shuttlecock a little bit higher than the net, thereby ensuring that it falls vertically close to the opponent's net. This shot type works perfectly in a singles game and is mostly carried out when the opponent is far away from the net. 

By lobbing the shuttlecock in this manner, it makes it extremely difficult for your opponent who's far away from the net to reach and return the shuttlecock. It is not an ideal shot for doubles because the chances of it being called by the umpire as a "net kill" are high. 

Basic Net Shot 

A perfect shot for beginners, this shot requires you to use your finger to give just the right pass with enough power for the shuttle to get through the net. The aim of this shot is for the shuttle to pass the net and land somewhere between the service line and net. Like the high net shot, this shot works perfectly when your opponent is far away from the net.  

Spin Net Shot 

Although being the most difficult of the badminton net shots, it is the most effective and capable of giving you that win you really need. The shuttle passes through the net and lands close to the net. This shot is referred to as the spin net shot because the shuttle does a spin while flying over the net. It is one of those shots you see professional badminton players do every now and then. 

It is super effective and limits the chances of your opponent returning the shuttle. In fact, it could be considered a guaranteed win, if it is performed right though. 

Flat Net Shot 

Also a variant of the basic net shot, the idea behind this shot is to get the ball past the net and land very close to the opponent net in such a way that the opponent(s) is unable to kill it. Where the shuttle lands is not as important as how close to the net it passes. 


Like the racquet, shuttlecock, and players, the net is an important aspect of the beautiful game of badminton. It is important that you familiarize yourself with badminton net dimensions before you set out to play this game. In this piece, we have discussed the various net dimensions as well as how the dimensions differ from that of volleyball. 

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